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  • Ken Cupka

5 Current Branding Ideas That Work

There are endless business owners out there who are in desperate need of a rebrand for their company and don't quite know where to start. Their walls are still covered with the same dusty decorations they've had for 10 years. Or their logo is outdated with an old design, too many colors or not enough pixels to make it look sharp. Their business cards either look like they have 25 different colors on the front side or like they were pulled straight out of the movie 'American Psycho'. Their company shirts are using the same 90's catch-phrases used to promote their products or services. I saw a shirt from a Mexican restaurant that said 'Got Bean Dip?'. Seriously? It's nearing the end of 2022 and I'm seeing a marketing pitch that's overused and outdated by 30 years. It's lazy and not creative in the least.


Don't be that person. Don't be THAT business owner who is either too cheap to change or too oblivious to understand that their company is sinking along with the rest of the aged concepts that refuse to rescale their brand. What was cool 10 years ago, most likely, is tacky today. Your revenue should always retain a small amount of money that's used to market your business and rebrand occasionally. If it isn't in your books to do so then you have failed to comprehend the most basic of successful business functions. Always reinvest. Failure to rebrand is failure to grow.

If you ARE that person I described above then you don't need to read any further as I'd just be wasting your time. For those who are curious to discover my top 5 branding ideas to boost the credibility of your company and those who run it, check them out below.

1. Make your brand feel tech-worthy.

There's never a moment when consumers say "Man this place is just too modern and up-to-date". You want to strive to give your customers the impression that your brand is relevant, no matter how many years you have been in business. The one surefire way to accomplish this is to appear modern and tech-driven. Find out the latest logo or fashion trends and incorporate them into a new logo. Or at the very least incorporate them into your new summer or fall promo. A modern tech feel will always win the crowd.

Even if you have the bubble font in your logo (think 70's) you can find a way to make it look modern so viewers understand that although you're having fun with your visuals you are a legitimate business with a modern edge. Contact a local digital design agency and ask for some samples of what your brand could look like instead. You've got nothing to lose except customers.

2. Simplify your brand's look.

There are 3 words to follow in regards to making your brand impactful to those who see it. Clean. Spacious. Memorable. Your logo's background color needs to make up for at least 75% of the space when being presented online and on printed materials. Doing so will make it easy for the viewer to hone in on your actual brand logo and it will become easier to memorize. Your theme colors should be simple. If you are using vibrant colors don't use more than 3. If you're using grayscale use at least 6 shades to give it an elaborate feel.

On your website offer plenty of dead space and format it more like an application. Your products or services should be easy to navigate to and purchasing options should be clearly identifiable on the page. Scrolling should look clean and less animated. Buttons should definitely not be animated. Only offer 1-2 amplified (super cool) animations throughout the website, where the viewer can acknowledge that the site is modern but simple. Call to actions should be easily spotted throughout the site.

Many of the major chains are simplifying their websites to give them an app feel because essentially their goal is to increase their application downloads. So if you want to keep up with the pace I highly encourage you to simplify your brand's look.

3. Offer potential customers eye-candy.

Your brand stems much further out than the logo you share to the public. It's the reflection of your business through the eyes of the consumer (target audience or not) and includes every visit they make to your website, menu, shop, and even social media page.

We're all looking to be entertained in the modern era, but not for too long and not for the purpose of being educated. At least not when a consumer is about to make a purchasing decision. Sure, teaching someone about your product is great and all, but what good will that do if their wall is still up and you haven't enabled them to trust you yet?

That's where the eye candy comes in. You need to offer your potential customer (and returning customers) something visually appealing to be entertained by. Here's a cool wall pop-out I saw at a museum in Arizona. Granted, they already stole my $40 upon entry. However, I thought it was a nice example. This is something that is visually appealing and can be used by any industry that has walk-in customers.

Is your company solely digital? That's not a problem. You can have a digital designer add some visual effects to your website (not too many) that intrigues your viewers and impresses them. Thus, they'll remember your brand and recall how they felt about your company the next time they pass it on the road or online.

4. Make sales funnels available everywhere.

The purchasing funnel, for those of your who don't know, is a consumer-focused marketing funnel that controls the potential customer's journey towards the purchase of a product or service. It's a form, it's a click, it's a scroll towards the product. If you want your brand to survive you need to ensure that every movement your viewer makes (digitally) needs to move them closer and closer to the purchase of your product or service without them losing sight of what your brand represents. And yes, it is much easier said than done. For instance, the old sales funnels of the past are ineffective today due to young consumers knowing the difference between being sold to and being inspired to buy. Therefore, part of your funnel needs to include building trust between you and your target audience.

Also, if you want your brand to remain significant then encouraging your audience to connect with you should be the next big step. QR codes are obviously the new trend. They've been around forever but only recently have they gained major popularity with businesses because of the ease of use as well as the increase in smartphone users. You can convert anything into a QR code today including coupons and URLs. Use QR codes to gather leads and start funneling prospective customers towards their purchase.

5. Keep your social media content fresh.

The importance of being present on social media isn't even a necessary talking point in today's business era. Odds are that if you are managing a business and you don't have social media pages set up yet you probably don't have access to this blog post anyway.

The type of content you create and share will largely depend on the business you have. However, do keep in mind that there are specific ratios you'll want to follow if you don't want your feed to become indescribably bland and uninteresting. For instance, you want to entertain and/or educate your viewers at least 80% of the time you post material. The rest can be used for direct promotion and won't feel to pushy to your follower-base. As long as you keep them entertained they'll welcome anything you have to sell them on the backend.

Your brand should always be within their peripheral view of your content. That's the secret.

You need to create stories about your customers, products, and/or employees. Post a story about your travel to your shop this morning. Then another tomorrow about you creating a new seasonal promo that will be revealed on a later date. Use videos and photos. Photos are still in. Don't think every post has to be a Tik Tock. There are other outlets and you should consider and test them all when it comes to the success of your brand. But just remember that people are always looking for a new storyline. Think about it. After all of these years people still watch the news. Why do you think that is? They already know that they'll be hearing about traffic accidents and murders every time they turn the news on, but they want to hear about the new traffic accidents and the new murders. That's what keeps them on their seat. That's what keeps them coming back for more.

Keep introducing new stories for your viewers and you'll be sure to build your brand's significance on social media. After all, they don't call them followers for nothing.

So what are your thoughts on these 5 branding ideas? Do you believe they'll work for your particular business? Leave a comment below!

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