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3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Can Get Weird

When it comes to marketing for your business things can get a little weird as you attempt to win over an audience and proceed to turn them into conversions.


1. You Feel Desperate To Get Post Likes

What happens when your audience seems to be less engaged on your page posts? You ante up by binge-creating videos and photos with 'just the right caption' as you struggle to find what you think they want to see. This can lead to more unfollows as people begin to see your content as less inviting and more of a nuisance.

2. Odd Comments That People Share Make You Uncomfortable or Annoyed

If you've managed a #socialmediabusinesspage for longer than a month you've seen it all:

· Rude comments on your photos

· Somebody claiming your competitor is "so much better"

· That person who's rated 5 million businesses so they feel the need to type a 2-page piece of advice since after all, they know how to operate the business better than the owner.

It seems to always be the comments on your posts that make you feel like launching your phone at the wall. For every 10 people there will forever be the 1 individual dead-set on bullying their way through social media posts, especially those from a business page. They know the likelihood of any defensive commentary is slim to none since companies have to behave professionally, right?

3. You start reposting the same content as 2 months ago when your creativity dries up.

You've been posting once a day on average and the business only has so many visuals to offer. That and you've already sent out all of the cool quotes and captions so you are basically on your own now. Afterwards you are curious as to why your engagement is lower than usual guessed it...ante up and post more of the same content.

How Can You Feel Less Weird When Managing Your Social Media?

Simple. Realize the important truth that the majority of your social media posts should never be directed at your followers, but rather potential leads/conversions that have yet to buy your goods or services. Your #followers are only there to throw discounts and promotions to as a means of adding to your return sales. But that will only get you so far. Even many of them will drop off the page when they have purchased your product or service. Focus on the people you haven't won over yet. How would they want to see your business? What would intrigue them into learning more about your offer? How can you get them to swipe or click?

As far as the rude comments go, don't worry you have options. You can block them or merely hide their comments, depending how bad they are. Don't ever feel compelled to respond to rude comments or to that which doesn't deserve a response. Responses can hurt the business's reputation and are not usually worth pursuing.

#Marketing should always work in waves as it ebbs and flows your follower-base in and out. As long as your follower base continues to increase and your sales see a slow incline you're doing everything you need to be doing as a marketer.

Keep the content focused on when you are open, what you're offering today, and what events are coming that your business is involved in.

And stop feeling weird about it. Keep it simple with a little style and your page will flourish!

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